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Hey ya’ll. Flying across the continent yesterday I was once again surprised what a differance a thousand miles can make. The aircraft cabin is like a long tunnel that opens up to a new reality when the doors open. I love traveling for that reason. From the warm sunshine of Dallas Texas to the bitter cold and constant dark rain of Vancouver BC the world’s couldn’t seem more antipodal. When Coco Chanel first made suntans popular she inadvertently set off an explosion of tourism to warm tropical places. Prior to that people in North America thought that the world was like a clock…one half sunshine and the other biting winter. Now at least we have a choice. I’m not sure Vancouver was the right choice for me…but I don’t have to stay. I am editing my novel feverishly and hoping that this book…my seventh…is the one that lets me buy a tropical island where winter exists only in the postcards from the darklands I will leave behind me. To all of you…best wishes….wherever you are.


Hey y’all…..I stumbled back to Dallas Texas a week ago. There’s something about this place that appeals to me. People are great……the weather is fine. I’m doing a final edit on my next novel ‘Devil Theory’ before it goes out for publishing. I’m happy to sit at poolside to write in the warm air and birdsong of East Texas. I found a good radio station that plays the kind of music I like, rough local fare and southern blues. I’ve done time under worse conditions.


Devil Theory…… is the title of my new action -thriller novel…the 7th I have penned. The new book took the better part of a year to write…..seriously impacting my ability to blog with any regularity. While writing I was stimulated by several  locations internationally. Any and all of my influences during the course of the year will have had some effect on my state of mind while I wrote, and of course my extensive research may have come to live vicariously as fiction generated emotions  through the characters and plot lines as the story took shape. So as always, expect some blood on the pages and a personal interpretation of historical events taken with sometimes extreme artistic license.

As I always do in my fiction work I have created a broken personality as protagonist unaware of his heroic potential and given him the opportunity to save the world from a particularily evil antagonist on his own terms . As I am planning a new novel in the back of my mind I will write several stories independently and merge them together when the overview of the work comes into view.

Devil Theory began as a story about a young man whose ambition it was to make a name in the music business as a blues guitar player after he was released from prison. At the same time I was writing another story based the court intrigues of the Middle Ages Emperor Charlemagne. Devil Theory describes the lead up and historical context of an attempt by an ancient evil cabal to bring about the End Times in order resurrect an ancient Western Semitic God. The story challenges the commonly accepted timeline and history of western civilization.

Devil Theory will be  published exclusively on Amazon for Kindle before the end of November. I thank everyone who has purchased my previous novels and hope that you will enjoy Devil Theory as perhaps my best work to date.

I read the Bangkok Post this morning, as I do every day. It’s never completely amazing to read the words of yet another government official giving the nod to the sex industry in Thailand. Today’s announcement is to boost the numbers of LGBT tourists to Thailand to gain from “the increased spending ability of this group”. The official says ” the rest of the world has made sex tourism less accessible while we are making it more accessible”. Read the article here:

I found it somewhat contradictory to also read  that the number of HIV infections among foreign tourists has increased. Apparently, ‘they and their prostitutes get drunk and forget to wear condoms’. Now personally, if I was at the epicenter of a global health crisis I would not be promoting increased risk of  pandemic…but maybe that’s just me. The Thai government has their sights set on earning two trillion baht from overall tourism this year…sad that it has to be on the backs of poor women…many who have little choice other than to prostitute themselves to drunken farang.

I question the logic and morality of the governments business decision to encourage prostitution as a viable ‘profession’. The Thai government would insist that as a farang I can never understand Thainess and am therefore instinctively biased, unable to understand the Asian mind or heart. I answer by stating that many  ASEAN and aligned countries have decided that their uneducated women and girls are not irretrievably disposable.

There are alternatives to prostitution work…I refer to one program that has been very successful throughout South East Asia, Africa and India….The Barefoot Teachers NGO that trains women in skill based knowledge that they can transfer back to their rural villages and improve their own and the lives of their families and communities as an example.

Barefoot Teachers started as a shoestring organization to teach rural Indian women how to address the poverty they faced in remote villages. The organization has developed into an international effort that gives women an opportunity to train in a variety of ‘professions’ towards a sustainable lifestyle. NGO teaching centers like ‘Friends’ in Cambodia have taken street children and the disadvantaged in that country and given them hope for a better future by teaching them food service and entrepreneurial skill sets.

I will continue to pray for the future of Thailand’s poor to have something other than prostitution to rely on for a means to put food on the table.