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Devil Theory…… is the title of my new action -thriller novel…the 7th I have penned. The new book took the better part of a year to write…..seriously impacting my ability to blog with any regularity. While writing I was stimulated by several  locations internationally. Any and all of my influences during the course of the year will have had some effect on my state of mind while I wrote, and of course my extensive research may have come to live vicariously as fiction generated emotions  through the characters and plot lines as the story took shape. So as always, expect some blood on the pages and a personal interpretation of historical events taken with sometimes extreme artistic license.

As I always do in my fiction work I have created a broken personality as protagonist unaware of his heroic potential and given him the opportunity to save the world from a particularily evil antagonist on his own terms . As I am planning a new novel in the back of my mind I will write several stories independently and merge them together when the overview of the work comes into view.

Devil Theory began as a story about a young man whose ambition it was to make a name in the music business as a blues guitar player after he was released from prison. At the same time I was writing another story based the court intrigues of the Middle Ages Emperor Charlemagne. Devil Theory describes the lead up and historical context of an attempt by an ancient evil cabal to bring about the End Times in order resurrect an ancient Western Semitic God. The story challenges the commonly accepted timeline and history of western civilization.

Devil Theory will be  published exclusively on Amazon for Kindle before the end of November. I thank everyone who has purchased my previous novels and hope that you will enjoy Devil Theory as perhaps my best work to date.