There is an old saying that goes…’Life is what happens when you’re planning something else’. In my case that is multiplied by by factors of ten. I have lived a most irregular life. Many people describe my lifestyle as ‘abnormal’…I can live with that…. this is an accurate synopsis. Living ‘by the seat of your pants’ as most free spirits do is to live in a highly fluid environment. Much of the time things like appointments and planning go out the window. I have in the past described myself as ‘a homeless breath of air’. As much as I have reveled in my comical foibles while others labor with regularity, I have to admit that I can become somewhat of a curmudgeon when ‘things’ that I had wanted to come about are not happening in quite the order that I might have wanted.

This year I am delayed with my usual schedule of ‘snow-birding away to tropical climates ahead of the onslaught of Canadian winter. For reasons beyond my control I am ‘delayed’ from enacting my favorite activity….leaving bad weather behind me. There are of course pleasant interludes when the approaching winter brings seriously gorgeous sights and sounds to bear on an otherwise jaded consciousness…aka….my own. The great migrations of birds is a natural phenomena that even I can’t dispute as a wonder. Over my house I hear the whooping of Canada Geese flying in enormous V-shaped phalanx formations. Sleek and pretty snow geese have taken over the green fields adjacent to school yards…this is pretty cool too. If I die I’d like to come back as one of these incredible creatures.

The weather is getting consistently crappy, but maybe this is a lesson for me not to bitch so much nor pontificate from my lofty perch. I have to learn to appreciate ‘everything’…instead of just the things I like. So maybe this year I will allow my unavoidable delay to teach me a life lesson. I am …for once.. really enjoying the edit process of my newest novel. Someone has suggested that I do an online ‘launch party’…and I may do that…after having to find out that such a thing existed. North South East West…enjoy your life..and what you do…after all …shit happens.

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