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I had to escape. I couldn’t take it anymore. I’ve left my fellow Canadians behind to fend for themselves. The bleak misery of a Vancouver winter is more than I can bear…mea culpa….I’m weak…..I need sunshine to live. This peripatetic lifestyle is an addiction. I admit that I am as comfortable living in a hotel  as most people are curled up in their beds.

Frankly nothing changes for me while in one place or another……satellite television and the internet are  the worlds great equalizers. As an English speaker I feel as if we rule the world. There’s no place we can go to feel completely out of touch. If you don’t travel extensively then please trust me…there is no place in the world that doesn’t pipe CNN and MSNBC into your set top. The growth of globalization has had unintended consequences for travelers in the number and choice of hotel and residential stay styles we have to choose from. I prefer the “long stay suite with a kitchen’ variation because we like to cook our own food from time to time and keep things in the fridge away from the potential of contamination.

Wireless and broadband are almost ubiquitous now. The technology has certainly changed my world. I’m old enough to remember sending telegrams, telex’s , postcards ( don’t you miss the personal touch?) and snail mail..then waiting in line for the one overseas telephone at the local post office at Christmas with the other foreigners lucky enough to be away from it all and not having made a phone call in months.

No more, not only can we work remote from anywhere on the planet…and get paid deposits to banking and investing online, worldwide….we access our favorite daily newspapers in real time as if we’d never left home. Hell, I can even vote remote. Anyway…I’ve tumbled down to Texas….and the living is easy.