Who would have thought that behind the cloak of negative media from competing destinations…that Dallas & Ft Worth could throw up such a spirited defense against misleading and bilious distraction ? Ruebens, Michelangelo, Pizarro, Picasso, Matisse, Monet , Sargent, Brecht…the list is as long as a sunny day. In the Dallas Ft Worth Metroplex I am finding many stunning museums , both public and private, mostly free to enter, galleries, sculpture gardens and Universities, set like diamonds in a profusion of Art and Cultural Districts that include theaters and presentation centers the likes to rival anywhere I have been. The Dallas Museum of art is stunning, I could barely see every exhibit in a day of walking through the broad range of galleries that showed everything from modern to ancient representations of the human experience. The Kimbell Museum in historic Ft Worth knocked me out with the range of offerings including Bernini sculpture and European art dating back to the 16th century, including companion pieces I had seen in the global galleries of Amsterdam, Paris and London. This is not to forget the brilliant little Sal Richardson museum on Main St in Ft Worth..and private gathering of American art.









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