Grapevine Mills is a mid 19th century pioneer town that was established by people who actually walked beside covered wagons into history. It’s the kind of place that sings to me, the modern world was born in places like this, along the railroad tracks and cotton fields made famous in this area before the advent of WWII. I’m glad that Texas has done such a superb job of preserving it’s heritage towns and buildings, it’s possible to see things in near original condition without the objectified pretense of those cities that try too hard to resurrect the past, for the sake of tourism development, as part of an urban renewal project with no soul. In places like Grapevine , it’s possible to imagine yourself rubbing shoulders with history, the contemporary nature has been passed down, rather than re-created by an urban planner or an architect . In Grapevine the heritage buildings are renovated as opposed to rebuilt as a mixed use synthesis, the boardwalks and retail storefronts have been in continuous use since the early 1800’s and survive on tender loving care and a lick of paint.









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