Archive for February 26, 2013

Do you remember the days when travel was more than a vacation, when getting out on the road was a spiritual experience that gave you a ticket to another dimension? Those first heady days when travel and music meant everything , when you ran hot on innocence, are precious. It would be nice to retain some of those first thrills that only youth can offer . I know very few people at my age who still say “Music is my life” or “I’m never going back” who don’t work in the entertainment or the travel business.

Do you remember when you’d sacrifice everything to travel to a concert, you’d lie to your parents, blow off your boss, skip a final exam, because the experience of real life was more important than the future and a guitar player could be god playing the strings of your soul? Isn’t that what is called ‘lightning in a bottle’? If only we could capture the first blush of those feelings, the first kiss, first Saturday night , the anticipation of freedom on the open road, that one special place or song in your heart, and keep it fresh, eternally renewing.