If you’re from anywhere else you might find the Texan culture of independence titillating. They are fiercely independent on issues pertaining to their personal freedoms. In many countries and states, including my own, people have been socially engineered to accept the overburden of government interference, this is not the case in Texas. In Texas, you’re expected to be self supporting and willing to cut your own path through life without reliance on a nanny state.

This quaint attitude manifests itself in surprising ways. Few people might realize that the economy in Texas is stronger than any other state, with lower unemployment overall. Lower taxation draws a critical mass of business to the state and that results in job creation. Tech industry is second only to California internationally for example. The recent ‘great recession’ was barely noticeable here.

I think many will be surprised to know that Texas is also a very progressive state. State support of the less fortunate is standard, personal generosity is traditional. Texas supports bicycle sharing in urban area’s, the only community in North America to do so. Support of the arts and artist community is traditional. Art providers have access to long term rental accommodation, short term space is provided in state sponsored communities. There are many media outlets and platforms that produce and support only Texan art and artists on full rotation and not as a side show.

I have never lived in a place where individual citizens had so much access to independent unbiased information. As opposed to state controlled media, CBC, BBC, PBS, etc, the Texans prefer to have a multitude of sources on which to formulate their own opinions. Community financial support through advertising rather than state supported propaganda results in broad based universe of opinions, from every end of the spectrum.

Texas is a place the less independent states love to hate. Perhaps because independent Texas is a gateway to a social alternative that would overturn the status quo in those highly regulated communities. Away from Texas you’ll hear all sorts of stereotypes to reinforce the status quo. Those who denigrate the choices Texans have made are either doing so for their own agenda…or they haven’t actually been here.


  1. auntyuta says:

    You cite some very interesting facts about the state of Texas. I wonder how come the other states apparently are quite different from Texas? Why does the tax-system work in Texas and not in other states? Has this state always attracted more independently thinking people? Is for instance gun control not a great problem in this state because the people are more self disciplined, open-minded and friendly towards other people? If someone is destitute, can this person always count on getting help from somewhere, even from the state if all else fails?
    It seems to me this must be a pretty good place to live!

    • Well Aunty…you’ve answered your own questions fairly well….and yes Texas is a ‘pretty good place to live’. Speaking as a Canadian where people have been socially engineered towards an increased reliance on the nanny state and the will of an ersatz politically correct subclass of leftist ideologues, I can say that Texas is a breath of fresh air…so to speak. Happy Easter to you.

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