Archive for May 7, 2013

We met a budding artist at a festival recently. She… Rebecca… had boldly come out and declared her hearts desire.  I think many of us live with yearnings for what we’d like to be when we grow up but then life gets in the way leaving us to live vicariously through our children.  Life is full of cruel ironies… yes indeed.


Is it the opportunity to be free  that eludes some of us? Do we as adults need to learn how to set ourselves free  in order to allow our children to pursue their passion(s)? Of course I am being myopic, I live in a dream world where opportunity is ubiquitous. For most of the worlds population such fantasy is never going to blossom into reality….the free world is home to so few….so isn’t it wonderful to see someone like Rebecca being herself and to encourage some aspect of whimsy into our own lives?


Let this be a lesson to all you budding artists out there, no matter if you’re ten or going on one hundred. Life is what you make it…..follow your path…..after all…you were born this way.


Take life one step at a time.