To make maters worse there has been a series of deadly tornado’s touch down in Oklahoma to the north. The town of Moore has been devastated….an elementary school was an unfortunate victim. It isn’t every year that tornado’s touch down but this is shaping up to be a record breaking season…..E4’s and E5’s are highly unusual…these are storms where the winds are clocked at in excess of 200 mph and 300 mph. The damage that is left behind is indescribable by any stretch of the imagination…war zone doesn’t describe adequately… a war zone there are buildings left behind. In the case of an E5 ….. it looks as if a demolition crew has driven heavy equipment across the landscape and crushed everything in it’s path….leaving nothing but splinters. I am once again reminded of the fragility of life….we should step back and realize that every day is a blessing. Hug your kids if you have them.



  1. auntyuta says:

    We saw pictures today how parents picked up their children from elementary school. This was so emotional how they hugged their children and the children clinging to their moms and dads. Some children still standing around waiting to be picked up. It’s still a bit unclear how many children and teachers actually died in this school. I believe there was no shelter room. I reckon in Tornado Alley no building should be without an underground shelter!
    I hope these people whose houses have been flattened and who lost everything are going to get some help to rebuild. Most seem to be pretty optimistic, just thankful for having survived. It’s a bit of a mystery how so many people seem to have been able to survive a disaster like this!
    A lot of good people straight away went to the area to help. This is great that many people are always willing to do what they can to help.

    • The images were absolutely heartbreaking……and life affirming. It makes we want to do more with my life……when I see how short and fragile it can be. Over 1000 homes were wrecked in Moore Oklahoma…..while in Dallas we just caught the fringe of the storm.

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