When I first started traveling there were very few compact technical camera’s. At my worst  I carried two Nikon solid body SLR’s….one for color slides and one for black and white….and a heavy tripod.  There were no computer programs to adjust for skill….OMG…no Photoshop!! Long trips were all about storing your fifty or more rolls of film for months at a time in the bottom of your backpack until you got home to develop the cache in your own darkroom. The purists would never send a film out… it had to be done by hand. There was no gimmick software … no digital, no instant gratification, no HDR…only colored filters, raw technique and chemicals..some of which I still have floating around in my bloodstream because I’d often forget to wear rubber gloves when immersing the exposed paper and swishing it around with bare hands while the alchemy happened. Travel photography back in the day was all about the art….an appreciation of composition, light and a good knowledge of depth of field exposure. Great photo’s were only made after days of stalking a location and waiting for ‘the magic hour’.

These days I have no fanciful dreams of being another Ansel Adams… I carry an Apple I Phone 4…sometimes a 5…depending on which I pick up on the way out the door. I record what I see based on composition and whatever  fleeting moment of whimsy comes my way. I have no loyalty to any one subject…..instead I enjoy the human experience in all its manifestations. Yesterday I drove to the historic railway town of Plano Texas……I had fun ….I let the images come to me. Far less work than the old days when it took months of hard slogging through some third world dive to find what I was looking for….taking the shot…and having to wait weeks or months to know if I’d captured the image. Today my images are less than perfect,  spontaneous….. more zen…….I am the lazy traveler.











  1. Ah, I love this series. From top to bottom, what fun shots! Great-looking shops. Green with jealousy. More please! T. (I especially love the pie case!)

    • This place is a hidden gem for finding history, kitsch and collectibles….contrary to the way the media has portrayed Texas and Texans generally….I’m drilling deeper. Good to hear from you…as always.

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