My how time flies. July is our one year anniversary in Dallas Texas. Honestly, it was a year of unexpected bliss. Texans are wonderful hosts, the place is easy going. We are still discovering new things to do. The media is hard on Texas because of it’s independence …but the truth is people are generally doing well. The Dallas art scene is wild. They love writers. Like a lot of people I had typical outsider misconceptions before I came here. I have even lost friends and readers (who’ve never been here)  sure that I must be wrong about my reporting’s….but the truth is a person can have a pretty sweet time of it here and much of the media diatribe is political bias and false.

I never expected to be here this long. My life has been lifted out of the mundane by a force I can’t explain. The work I have been doing has resulted in a new novel…13 Angels….currently in publication and should be available to the public soon. Writing a novel is a labor of love. The project has consumed many hours of every day over a period of a year and a half. Texas has been a warm fuzzy blanket that has allowed me the focus I needed to get the book done…..and I am thankful for that. My work is surreal dystopia. Please feel free to review any of my books on Amazon and Kindle.


  1. auntyuta says:

    Congratulations on finishing your novel. 13 Angels? What is it about?

    • Earth is an alien landscape for a group of surviving explorers. Amidst cosmic and geologic cataclysms over millions of years, Thirteen Angels evolve to create a world defined by their own imaginings. They are unaware of progressive malfunction and suffer grievously under long exposure to atmospheric radiation.
      Time deludes them of their origins. Yet, they survive the ravages of impossible longevity as immortals to recreate themselves in the image of a shifting environment that does not favor their existence. The Angels conceive a rescue through the worship of guiding technology they no longer comprehend.
      The confounded Angel’s desire for death and repatriation to Paradise becomes infused with nature’s demand that every earthbound species question and adapt to this mysteriously ephemeral environment. Parallel evolution proves a confrontational path upon which two aggressive players inevitably clash on nature’s savage stage.
      The immortals inability to die becomes their nemesis after ages of witnessing a perpetual cycle of creation and destruction. Everlasting life forces them to engender an otherworldly justification explaining the extraordinary rise of mankind, a species that doesn’t suffer eternity.
      The Angels disintegrating software fails to interpret Earths organic design causing them to take a bizarre spiritual direction to rationalize their existence. They meticulously plan a return to paradise by exploiting mankind’s instinctual weaknesses.
      Sacred scrolls dictate a Clash of Civilizations must occur to bring about the End of Time. The Angels use psychic influence, an army of nephilim thralls and man’s nuclear technology to design an extinction event. They build the ultimate destructive beacon to draw God’s attention. They are driven by a misunderstood covenant as a means to achieve death.
      Questions regarding the origins of mankind and traditional interpretations of the physical and spiritual universe are examined when a simple soldier, Jake Sabados, discovers proof that a terrible accident occurred in prehistory.
      Our protagonist, a soldier of the New World Order, sees no point in living except to satisfy a convoluted sense of honor and an intention to die on his own terms. Lucky Jake has an uncanny ability to survive. He lives on the periphery of animism believing supernatural forces protect him from harm. Obsessive personal rituals guide his every action.
      Jake accidentally discovers the Angels diabolical plan of an extinction event while on mission in Afghanistan. He is convinced to save the world by a mysterious cabal he knows as The Paladins, realizing man’s vision has not been of his own design. Jake agrees to become the nexus of a powerful alien technology and fight for his species survival after finding new hope in love.

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