I wrote a magazine article in 2011 about the dwindling importance of the sex industry in Thailand. I have to say that I am surprised that article is the consistent #1 search out of all the articles I have written on any subject.  I don’t have anything to add to the article I wrote. I stand by my comments of the time. I think the exploitation of women under the guise of any enterprise is disgusting. I have met enough foreign punters to know that each one of them had a sick and twisted mindset that should have resulted in therapy or incarceration…not a trip to Thailand. I would like to think  responsible politicians in every country are working hard to eradicate the root cause of prostitution …but I’m not holding my breath.  Media workers and bloggers who lionize the sex tourism industry should be ashamed of themselves.

I’m happy to note that my country Canada has  laws in place to prosecute citizens from traveling to a second country for the purpose of  exploiting sex workers and minors. This has resulted in many prosecutions, including the infamous case of ‘Swirly Face’ a teacher from Maple Ridge British Columbia among others. This pervert got the maximum prison time. Red faced single male tourists returning from target countries are frequently pulled aside at immigration to have the content of their computers and cameras reviewed. Far too many are caught with unlawful acts logged on their hard drives. I hope that one day this number will be reduced to zero.

Soon, the tourist season will once again be ramping up. Can I suggest to any would be exploiters that you choose another outlet for your crimes this year. Donate your time and money to a women’s shelter. Find help for your urges….. try sport, church, exercise,,,, a hobby. Do anything to straighten yourself out. You’re certainly not improving the life of anyone through exploitation. The world shouldn’t revolve around your pee pee… if it does….. grow up.


  1. auntyuta says:

    Some time ago I read an Amazon E-Book: THE DOUBLE LIFE OF ALFRED BUBER by DAVID SCHMAHMANN. It is a novel. The sex industry in Thailand plays a part in the life of Alfred Buber. But he is not one of these perverts you are writing about. I was fascinated to read about the life of Buber. I thought you might perhaps be interested to read this novel?

    • I can’t disagree strongly enough with the attitude of western men who fall over themselves to justify their experiences with Asian prostitutes. I am sure I’ve heard every stupid excuse…. from “she likes it”….to ” it helps the local economy”…..Regarding your book recommendation… To think that a man ‘just happens’ to find himself embroiled in a ‘relationship’ with a ‘bargirl’ is ludicrous. Think about it….’she’s a professional prostitute and he’s another incomplete stumble bum personality who flies thousands of miles fighting the reality of his failure unable to adapt to social expectations in his own culture’. What can be more pathetic than that. I have empathy for people in distress…. I have no sympathy for losers who use women to live out a twisted notion of abuse and power. What man uses a weakened unfortunate human being for sexual gratification? Trust me…if you ever have the misfortune to speak to any of these punters in real time you will quickly ascertain that perverts have holes in their personalities big enough to drive a bus through. As this book relates to Thailand….over the past thirty years that I have been living, working and visiting Thailand the King has guided the economy towards an eventual liberation from occupations such as prostitution. Millions of women have been lifted out of poverty and received educations allowing them choices. Bless King Bhumibol for his sage leadership.

      • auntyuta says:

        Well, this Alfred Buber took his beloved with him to his house in America and saw to it that she was given as good an education as possible. Her success in American society was very mixed. Most people were extremely prejudiced. He himself did not feel at home in American society even though he had an uncle in America who helped him along in his lawyer career. His parents had been British who had lived in Ruanda, where Buber and his sister had been raised and educated. I hope I remember these details correctly for it’s been a while since I read this novel and my memory isn’t all that good.
        Extreme poverty is a terrible thing. I hate it too when girls from very poor rural families are practically sold into prostitution. As you say King Bhumibol wants to help these girls to get a chance for a better life. As far as I remember this is exactly what this Buber in the novel was out to do for this one girl he happened to fall in love with.

      • LOL…what a subject. When you’ve seen the losers line up with their ‘beloveds’ at the syphilis clinic on Sukhumvit Road for travel certificates the perspective might change slightly. What a parade of clowns it is to observe. Grotesquely fat porkers from Germany, seedy looking Norwegians, sun burned Aussie boys… etc etc all red faced from drunken nights in the sewers of Soi Cowboy and Pat Pong. And now they’re in love and want to take the first prostitute they meet home to mom….how sweet. All obviously infatuated by their ‘new best friends’. The idea that this is normal behavior is laughable. These punters gravitate to the lowest common denominator because they are psychologically unfit for male/female relationships under any circumstance other than direct payment. You can’t blame the prostitutes for playing along until they get out to a new country. 100% of the girls dump the losers after divorce and a nice lump sum. They bring their real husbands and kids , paid for with the alimony. The girls learn this behavior from one anther’s experiences, after many return home with enough cash to buy a house and a small business. The punters aren’t lovers…they’re pathetic losers.Novels are fiction…reality can be quite harsh.

  2. auntyuta says:

    You are right, this Alfred Buber is a fictional person, of course. The way he is depicted he doesn’t fall into the category of any of these seedy persons you mentioned. And the girl in question – as far as I remember – was kind of new in the game, fresh from the country from a desperately poor family with lots of children!

    That so many girls are sold into prostitution has to do with horrendous poverty, I think. Poverty such as this should not exist! It’s exploitation on the female as well as on the male side. Exploitation of children is another matter that irks me.

    I believe this Buber was not a no hoper. He was not unsuccessful with women of his own kind. It’s just that the behaviour of these American women he came in contact with didn’t appeal to him. He was looking for innocence and naturalness! LOL

    • You mean Buber’s character was written to express the author looking for ignorance, helplessness and docility, someone he could dominate.. someone who wouldn’t question his motives? American, European, Australian, Singaporean, Indian….doesn’t matter… punters are incomplete personalities who can’t have a conversation with anyone who speaks more than five words in their language and thinks independently…..conversation interferes with the narcissistic fantasy. The punters never see themselves as scum…they will always explain that their motivations are altruistic to some degree. Most will say the girls really fall for them. Hahahahahahah…. It’s part of every prostitutes repertoire to tell the punter that ‘she’s new to the game’….most will say it’s their first time….the punters are idiots. Read my article ‘Writing love letters for Bangkok Prostitutes’ for a list of all the scams the girls pull on the dupes and dullards. I’m not sure how you explain ‘exploitation on the male side’ ? There is no explanation for this behavior…sick is sick…sleaze is sleaze.

  3. auntyuta says:

    First of all, JWest, I think exploitation is exploitation is exploitation. Certain child labour can be exploitation, certainly child prostitution is exploitation. When boys are driven into the sex industry, doesn’t this often end in exploitation? And when men have to fork out big money to sneaky women, isn’t this a form of exploitation too?

    But to come back to this fictional Buber character. I am sorry, I probably am not very good in explaining but as far as I remember the plot of the novel this Buber character was not remotely resembling one of these punters you so vividly describe. But of course people would draw their own conclusions for it must be very difficult to understand a complex character like this Buber was supposed to be.

  4. Mark says:

    J West Hardin. I have been with my professional prostitute wife now for 6 years. 4 married. She lives with myself and son in a western country, getting a real education and working as well.
    I am low thirties and she is mid twenties. Its a great relationship. I don’t give a toss if she was a prostitute. She did what she did to take care of her family. I don’t see why its a problem for men to go to these countries and pay the girls for sex. The industry would still be there in Thailand even if the westerners weren’t. The westerners have just made it more popular. Money talks in Thailand. Try going out to the villages and having a look in the karaoke bars etc. See all the Thai men paying for it. Western men going to Thailand for sex, who cares. They get what they want and the girls get what they want, money. They could work in the rice fields for 3000baht a month or work in Pattaya for 30,000baht per month.Its understandable why they do it. If the male is getting ripped off or duped by a girl who gives a fuck. Thats all part of the game. if ya stupid enough to give money to them and think they won’t play up you need your head sorted. I have only met a few that actually do the right thing. But tats not our problem. I’m thinking your a religious person Hardin.

    • Hi Mark. Bagging a ticket out is a Thai prostitutes dream scenario. I haven’t heard of many relationships working more than the time it takes for her to get immigration status, and a cozy divorce settlement. Very few farang/prostitute marriages last any longer than the time it takes her to clean out the punter in Thailand. I hear these tales of woe from the losers who have tried all the time. But maybe your different…I don’t know…people say all kinds of things on the internet. Its well known that European laws are particularily generous to ex prostitutes. I cite the case of the Philippine prostitute who was impregnated by the owner of DHL Air Cargo. A vast majority are women who prostitute have no other choice. How does that stimulate a normal mans sexual desire? No… I am not at all religious…far from it….read my books and you’ll find that I’m a stick in the eye to the religious sympathies. I just don’t believe in exploiting desperate women on the basis of poverty. I hear the excuse ‘rice paddies or dick sucking’ all the time….sorry but that’s lame. I am a great admirer of the efforts being made to educate Thai women so that prostitution is not a choice. My time in Thai is spent volunteering to teach language, computer/technical and business skills to underprivileged persons of either sex regardless of age….my students have included many suffering but hopeful prostitutes. This is far more satisfactory than anything the bar scene can offer. I enjoy the company of women who can talk back. I appreciate your opinion and wish your family well.

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