I stay in a lot of hotels. I live in a hotel today. A very nice one I might add. But regardless where I go in the world I always encounter cockroaches at one time or another. My wife hates roaches, I am her designated bug killer. For years I wondered why I’ve found so many cockroaches dead or dying on their backs. There have been times I simply found them sleeping…because when I disturbed them they went off , and tried to scurry away. I found this strange, but never questioned why…. until today when I Googgled the question “Do cockroaches sleep on their back?” Surprisingly I came up with hundreds of thousands of answers. Here’s a good one.


I have to add…the internet has really changed my life. I might have gone to my grave never knowing the answer to this all important question.


  1. auntyuta says:

    I’ve never encountered a cockroach in a hotel yet. In our villa home we spread around baits at regular intervals. This seems to keep them in check. When we encounter one it’s usually groggy from the poison and easy to kill.

    • You might not see the roaches, but they’re there…..form Aussie to Moscow…..they’re legion. Pests are just more obvious in the tropics. Vancouver Canada for example, touted as pristine…hah….cockroach infestations are world class….also rats and bedbugs. If there are roaches around your home…there are roaches in the hotels. I talked to a guy in pest control once….he said “You’d never eat in a restaurant if you saw what I do in the kitchen”…

      • auntyuta says:

        Sounds quite scary. As I said using baits, about a dozen of them spread throughout the house in dark places gives us some confidence that any cockroach that enters our house from outside wont live for very long if she happens to get into contact with one of the baits. Of course it is also important to keep the house reasonably clean.

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