Argghhh… I flew into Vancouver Canada last night and guess what….pouring rain and freezing cold…. as always. I knew what I would be getting into…after the Texas sunshine this dreary berg seems like hell on earth. We woke up this morning to dark grey skies and pounding rain on the windows….definatley not sexy. Luckily I only have to stay here 12 days. I regret leaving Dallas… this is the best time of year for weather ( under 100 degrees is better for pool time believe it or not) …and the skies are pristine blue.

Landing in Vancouver, if you have to rent a car, it’s like a soviet nightmare from fifty years ago. The facilities at YVR are  antiquated, disorganized and unfriendly . Luggage carts seem to have been banished from the arrivals facility. There is no car rental kiosks inside the airport, you have to take your luggage and walk down a dark exit ramp with sketchy sidewalks in the rain…and there are no signs btw. The city itself feels loathsome and creepy. People present themselves as anal and self-conscious.

Our Texan suntans attracted jealous glares rather than smiles. Our rental rep in Vancouver, once we found them underneath a parking garage some ways away,  accused Dallas of being ‘focused on customer service’…as part of his explanation as to why the service was so poor…as if that were a dirty trick played on Vancouver’s argumentative and ‘a-hole’ style of receiving guests. There is no comparison between the service we get at DFW compared to YVR….night and day…..apples and rotten fruit.

OK…Texans are overly polite as a culture…I get that. In fact they are so friendly, welcoming, receptive and complimentary that a Vancouverite is shocked by the initial experience of open handed civility. Coming from the critical and covetous culture of Vancouver…the friendliness and high level of customer service in Texas is at first overwhelming. Having to fly into Vancouver on business is like getting a rectal exam….you want to get it over with and get out.

Wayne 2

  1. Gail says:

    Vancouver just had a fabulous summer, a city with nmany delights & great fresh sea food!
    Yet you were in Texas eating catfish?
    You need help!

    • Bwahahahaha…every Vancouverite comes up with the same excuses…”You should have been here last Saturday….between 2 and 3:30… was beautiful”. Sorry doll…I know Vancouver…it’s a fetid swamp. The Suzuki Foundation testified at Vancouver’s sewage-outflow pollution trial ( the city has a long history of pouring 800 million liters of raw untreated sewage into English Bay every single day and Environment Canada took the city to court and won, yet little has been done and the pollution persists) that ground fish in the region show signs of pre-cancerous lesions from the heavy metal pollutants….not yummy imho. Restaurants will skin the lesions off the fish to make the appearance more palatable…yuccchhhh!! Give me farm raised catfish anytime. And it isn’t just the fish…it’s the service and preparation…there’s nothing like southern hospitality and southern cooking.

      As far as the weather is concerned Vancouver is the second wettest and most perpetually overcast, receiving the least sunshine, of any place on the planet. Looking at grey skies and rain cloud and no sunshine ten months of the year sucks. The two week long summer is a joke.

      This is probably the reason Vancouver has the highest percentage of people complaining of mental illness ( anxiety and depression is rampant) of any city in a developed country. Vancouver has consistently polled in the media as the loneliest, least friendly, most difficult to make new acquaintances. The people are frequently described as self interested and covetous. It has the highest percentage of people who want to leave because of the weather…that is beyond what people in Winnipeg poll!!! I should also add that Vancouver is the least affordable city in the developed world…wages are low and costs are extremely high. Condo people are freaking out after being stuffed into 400 sq ft concrete coffins and nerves are starting to fray. Look at the explosion of violence that displayed the Vancouver zeitgeist in full bloom during the riots that burned out the downtown core. Angry young people have been misled and lied to about their prospects in the city and they showed it in rage and flame.

      Aside from that there are subtle but legally required board signs along the waterfront pointing out that fecal matter and potentially deadly toxic medical wastes are found in high concentrations on the beaches and shorelines. If you look you can see the sewage outflow pipes all along the famous Stanley Park seawall walk and the bleak concrete sidewalks surrounding False Creek. Jericho Beach at low tide has several feet of slime exposed…..ever wonder what that is? False Creek in mid summer stinks like a bung hole at low tide after a frequent summer rain ( apparently the hospital waste overflows into the rain flow system). Personally I see the over hyped sea wall as walking along the lip of an overflowing toilet and knowing the facts about super bugs escaping the hospitals I would never go there.

      I am a big city person…I like access to culture. I like places such as Dallas because it is the New York of the southern US ( but with way better weather) and offers amazing business and personal opportunities….there is a sea of head offices unlike Vancouver which has none. I put the top down on my Camaro convertible and enjoy the beautiful sunshine all year round. The road system and public travel infrastructure is fantastic as opposed to Vancouver’s nightmare of next to zero public infrastructure. BTW you will never have an armed policeman threaten you with a taser on the DART. I have never seen a case of road rage in Texas ( although I’m sure it occasionally happens) but I see it all the time in Vancouver, a place where drivers are more rude and anal with their me first entitlement attitude. I assume that people here are made insane over their soul strangling sky high mortgage payments to live in ‘The No Fun City’. As one reporter said ‘Vancouver is a strip mall masquerading as a city’…his words not mine.

      In Dallas there are many cultural opportunities that can’t be found in Vancouver. There are a great many free museums and galleries, great clubs for live music…dance companies, theater, concerts, sports in crazy quantity ( so many events on the same day you can’t go to them all) . There is a super active and community supported art scene in Dallas….free venues abound. Music is huge in Texas generally….popular is the poetic ‘red dirt’ folksy arty sounds of the south…..blues music is everywhere…pubs and clubs by the thousands all have live performers….Texas Renegade Radio leads the charge….you can listen at KNON on the internet…89.3…unlike anything Vancouver offers. Another popular art form is ‘story telling’…really amazing. Cowboy Stadium in Arlington is 40 times the size of Rogers Arena and dwarfs BC Place into looking like a cheap tent.

      The nice thing about Dallas ( opposed to New York and Vancouver) is that it is year round…300 days of sunshine….and people get out to festivals and street parties or vast open markets every weekend at one of the 330 cities that make up the Dallas Metroplex. The thing about Vancouver is that there is no spontaneity, every event is organized according to the politically correct biases of those who work for the government. The street food and even the busker music has to be vetted by the trolls in city hall….so that everything is a reflection of the cabal in power. The dearth of personal expression might be one of the things Vancouver lacks the most.

      BTW…every flight out of Vancouver to Dallas is fully booked year round…with people just like me….the smart ones who’ve seen the light. I get spammed with mass propaganda from Public Relations people in Vancouver, from the VPD, Transit, Tourism and even the Mayors office or Universities every time I write something honest about Vancouver. Why the transit police want to spam me I can’t guess.

      These entities spend billions trying to cover truth with advertising….and for the most part it has been effectively used against the constrained and unenlightened citizens of Vancouver. I have met many Vancouverites who parrot the party line “It’s the best place on Earth”. In fact that is an advertising catch phrase used only in Vancouver…the constant repetition has made it believable to the brainwashed recipients of the area. For the lucky, those who have escaped…we know otherwise.

      So Gail…. I’m happy if you’re happy…..but consider that all the information I have posted is from the BC local media and only the tip of the ice berg. I shouldn’t point out that Vancouver is the bed bug capital and I only have to look at the Bed Bug Registry to confirm the outbreak….( I laughed when I read that government offices and the Main Court House have become so infested…but I pity the tens of thousands of tenants and homeowners who have become infested) as a business traveler this makes me very nervous when I see so many hotels throughout the city and surrounding areas are also infested with uncontrolled bed bug infestations….it’s all public information and not my opinion. And never mind the rat and cockroach population explosion downtown. I talked to a local pest control technician not long ago who said quote ” If you saw what I do in the restaurant kitchens you would never eat out ” . By the numbers I can see that Vancouver’s summer2013 was one of the coldest on record.

      And God forbid we should notice the tens of thousands of homeless persons, mentally ill, derelicts and drug addicts that wander the streets of ‘the best place on earth’ because there is no care. Or wonder why the Gospel Mission has had to build a special room for the children of the hungry so that the true face of poverty in Vancouver can’t be seen….or why increasing numbers of thousands of seniors and working poor line up at food banks every day while the elite and highly paid civic service workers spin by on the newly paved bike paths…..(let them eat cake eh). Have the newspapers stopped reporting the horrible growing number of sexual assaults in public parks ( including Stanley) that make it super unsafe for women to walk alone in Super Natural BC? Lets not look at the facts…lets just look at the pretty mountains on the 14 days of the year they’re visible, believe the super hype pumped out by the tourist boards and hotel industry hucksters, and pretend we live in the best place on earth…..because the reality is much uglier than our minds can handle.

      I am not an ultra nationalist or booster of any kind. I am a world citizen and objective opinion writer…unpaid I might add. I live where the living is good…wherever that may be. I have lived in dozens of countries. Vancouver would not make my list of the top 100 places to reside. Obviously we disagree.

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