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In Transit

Posted: July 22, 2014 in Uncategorized

Trish and I have almost finished working in Dallas after living there for 2.5 years. Just a few more weeks and one more short trip to tie up loose ends and that will be Texas in the rear view mirror. We grew to love the Texan culture…especially the way cool music. We have been back in Vancouver Canada for a few weeks…feeling like aliens after being away so long. It’s hard to get used to the increased cost of living compared to what we had. Canada is three times as expensive as in Texas….across the entire spectrum. The cost of food in Canada is especially outrageous…but what can we do? Well, what we have decided to do is leave again soon. The first week of October we will be back in our favorite apartment in Bangkok Thailand, where we have gone for refuge many times over the past 20 years.

It really feels like home whenever we go ..”Back to the old neighborhood” as we say. The plan is to spend the winter….6 months….making more video’s and learning to breath again. It’ll be nice to see all our old friends and swim under the stars . I have written extensively in historic posts about our little perch and our experiences….and posted many photographs in the archives. For some strange reason the setting brings out an artistic drive in both of us…..painting, writing poetry and constant flow of video production editing.


So bye bye Texas……we love you… stop sweet home Thailand. Some very interesting projects await.