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Posted: September 21, 2014 in Uncategorized
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We’ve only been back in Vancouver a week and already the walls are closing in. Fortunately we have only 8 more sleeps before we bug out to our traditional winter perch in Thailand via Hong Kong. I can’t fault the weather in BC in the time we’ve been back. The West Coast has experienced a ‘hundred year summer’ where the weather has been the best in memory. It has been warm and sunny as opposed to what we are accustomed to as normal when it rains and is mostly cloudy except for a few days now and again. It is normal for summer to occur the last two weeks of August and be raining the rest of the time. So…we got super lucky this year.

I would like to cheerlead for what has been my home town…but it’s hard to do when so little happens here. For a variety of reasons people in Vancouver tend be miserable. There’s a dearth of cultural activities and those are primarily administered by the social engineering wonks at city hall. Vancouver is not famous for it’s spontaneity. Now that the beaches have been closed due to fecal matter ( high coliform count includes hospital waste and viral waste) making the beaches and ocean a no-go zone for health reasons it’s hard to enjoy the coastline without that in mind. This is all because Vancouver continues to loose approx., 800 million liters of raw untreated waste into the waters surrounding the city every day. Yuchhh !!

I wouldn’t hurry to be a tourist to Vancouver due to the bedbug infestation of most major public buildings including hotels and hostels. Public health officials are warning people about possible rat borne diseases such as meningitis etc affecting children (and adults) due to an explosion in the rat populations. Sickening that rats have got out of control…but the famous ‘Mayor Moonbeam’ has no interest in tackling such things it seems. Video’s of the out of control rat population are abundant on YouTube. Not something any one locally is proud of…but the cities tourism mavins and politicians would have you focus on other
things…of course.

8 More sleeps….and we will wake in the Land of Yim (Smiles) …away from the malaise of Vancouver…The Land of Nod.

Wayne 2

  1. Sonia Ngai says:

    Hi , How are you ? I am a Hongkonger and my husband is a Canadian, we live in Hong Kong. I saw the video of Bangkok Bang Googn Seafood Market, I love it very much and going to plan to take my husband there in 22nd Oct.2014 because 27th is his birthday , can you please tell me how to go there from Bangkok.

    • Hi Sonia….very far from BKK …but you can do it if you really want to. Congrats on you BDay plans btw. If you have a car it would be easier…but that in itself is a whole new set of problems in BKK. A taxi would be quite expensive as it is quite distant and you would have to hire for the day. Both Sukhumvit RD and Rama 4 express way has access routes to the new King Bumibol Bridge….once on the bridge you have only the one road to follow until you see the signs for Ban Googn….turn left. Best of luck. Now…if that is too weirdly distant as a tourist…and I agree…why not try the Samut Prakan Seafood market instead. I recommend the Sompana Seafood Restaurant. You can skytrain down Sukhumvit Rd to Bearing Station…then take a Number 25 or 511 bus to Samat Prakan….much easier. I know you don’t get the same total ambiance of the restaurant on stilts over the water…but it’s nice too. Also try the Ban Cheung Nam floating market…it’s on the way….go right on Bangna Trad Road where it intersects with Sukhumvit…and take the ferry across the river….it’s a great day trip that’s totally accessible for the adventurous.

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