Our little perch in Bangkok is surrounded by a wide green space. I can smell the Gulf of Thailand on the morning breeze. The rising sun resembles an expanding supernova. Bird song and Soi Dogs are the melody of this neighborhood. 7 AM and already 90 degrees F. I hung our towels out last night and they haven’t dried. Humidity during this late monsoon month is well over 100%. What a shock to have transitioned so completely from Dallas in such a short time. We were away two years and it feels like we never left. This is the anniversary of my 40th year of coming to Thailand.


  1. auntyuta says:

    You painted not a very enticing picture about Vancouver, BC. It is great that you can now feel so at home in Thailand again. Keep enjoying it!


    • Vancouver is soulless, devoid of culture, a strip mall masquerading as a city, where the surrounding geographic beauty masks the ugly reality behind the facade. Instead of an urban space where spontaneity flourishes, social activities of residents are highly regulated. It sucks to hear everyone say “There’s nothing happening here that isn’t organized by City Hall”.

      In fact every busker, food cart or ‘impulse kiosk’ must first pass through the gauntlet of city halls mavins….and they kill any possibility of ‘the human touch’ by deciding among themselves what is good for people. Vancouver’s cultural director recently opined that the city should sponsor group masturbation gatherings. The bar for expression in Vancouver has obviously hit a new low…if that was even possible.

      The fact that there are no cultural outlets for people has produced a culture of materialism, envy greed and covetousness. No one is happy. The city bills itself as ‘No Fun City’. What are you going to do to fight against that attitude?

      Vancouver’s tourist administration is constantly buying new awards for the city by placing phony advertising in international publications, but none of it is true. The recent closing of all beaches and water access because of the raw sewage is the reality. The Health Department had to step in and override the tourism pitch, people are getting sick exposing themselves to the beach and water surrounding the city.

      Vancouver constantly polls as the loneliest, least likely to make new friends, highest percentage of depression and mental illness, most expensive, most unaffordable, polluted, rat infested, cockroaches on a scale that staggers the mind and bedbugs everywhere. Recently the health dept, gave a speech about what disease to expect from the rat pandemic sweeping the city.

      Yes, I love Thailand, but as a city where creativity abounds. I said the same thing about Dallas Texas, where to my surprise the art scene ran rampant through the fabric of society. So, it isn’t as if I have a dagger out for Vancouver, it is what it is, a soul sucking suburban apparatus that offers little to nothing for human expression. But if you’re a refugee escaping from a war zone or a foreign oligarch looking to launder money in real estate, it’s world class.

  2. auntyuta says:

    If the above picture is a recent picture of the two of you, I am sure that Thailand is going to be as stimulating for you as ever. Probably very good for doing some more writing!
    All the best,
    Uta 🙂

  3. auntyuta says:

    A seventh novel? This sounds good. I should imagine in the end you get a lot out of this so called “unbridled devotion to masochism”. No sweat, no gain, right?

    • Writing novels and two bucks will get you on a bus going nowhere. I’m reminded of how well Van Gogh did during a lifetime of fruitless effort. His tortured images were left unappreciated for decades after his death. I’m nowhere near the point of cutting an ear off…..but I’m really liking the way he combed his hair.

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