swimming through monsoon season

Posted: October 7, 2014 in Uncategorized
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Trisha and I collect memories, not possessions. I blame this on my addiction to travel and to her enabling me…and now me her…because she’s the driving force these days. I make a good travel companion. I love to sit and watch life roll by. Neither of us has any interest in homemaking, decorating, automobiles and the like. We own a house but haven’t spent more than an occasional  few weeks there in the past few years.

We must be getting good at what we do. Our perch in a Bangkok hi-rise is pretty comfortable. Amenities are easier to find than they used to be. The internet has set us free free in so many ways. We can work, study, invest, pay our son’s tuition…watch Netflix USA movies at night and our favorite international news and radio channels all online, without skipping a beat. The only differance we experience from place to place is the time zone.

Right now, I’ve got ‘KHYI 95.3 The Range’ streaming ‘Red Dirt Texas Music’  through external stereo speakers. Red Dirt  sounds good in Thailand, the lyrics are often magical. I have a bank next door that accepts every plastic card I carry. The ATM’s work as well as anywhere. The exception is that the cost of living is so much more reasonable here in Thailand that I don’t visit a bank as often as I would in Canada.

We occasionally talk about ‘what we should do today’…and mostly come to the same conclusion…we’re already there. I have a great view of Bangkok from a distance. The swimming pool below my balcony is where we spend most days. Swimming is the perfect exercise for body and mind. You can swim in the rain, under the stars, watching monsoon thunderheads race by. Listening to thunder pounding down in the distance like an artillery barrage is provocative. When life is this perfect…why seek change?


  1. Keeran Palam says:

    Oh wow! … So happy to see you and Patricia are back in LOS. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve turned on my laptop, opened up my Youtube homepage, clicked on the BLTF channel hoping to see a new video and then slumped back into my chair feeling lost when no said video found. Lol. Well not quite that bad but I have to say I was thrilled to see you’ve uploaded a number recently.

    I understand for practical reasons you’ve kept the vlogs succinct and that is an obvious attraction of youtube content, however, I for one am eager to see more 15-20 min productions. I really enjoyed any content that revealed your likes, opinions, discoveries and observations as you and Patricia spent more time living and travelling in Thailand. Mixing up formal and informal approaches to the videos has been great but I’ve enjoyed the videos that appear to be off the cuff and personal.

    I also have to thank you for sharing your life with us via this blog in a style that swings effortlessly from poetry to prose. It’s fun and funny to read.

    Wishing you both good health and good karma!


    • Wow… nice comment…..thank you Keeran. We try to be accidental/surprised/joyful rather than ‘scripted/entertaining/academic’…. we’re glad you appreciate that . It’s all about sharing our experience with other travelers. Lots more video to come. Enjoy

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