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Sex tourism to Thailand was once limited to a few seedy bars for war crazed soldiers on R&R from Vietnam, and foreign service workers cheating on their wives. In the mid 1970’s there were never more than a thousand foreigners in Thailand at any one time. Some of the American soldiers would never return ‘to the world’…due to battle fatigue, and they stayed on in Thailand under a government policy of compassion. The foreign service workers took antibiotic resistant strains of gonorrhea back to their wives upon returning home to Denmark and France. Mass tourism hadn’t been invented yet. Thailand was still a secret destination, hidden away from rest of the world.

You would never imagine then how three sordid bars on Patpong Road in downtown Bangkok and a dirt road naval base with two grass shack beer bars in Pattaya run by disabled veterans, housing six to ten splay-foot girls from the jungle, could have morphed into the industrial sized weeping anal fistula that sex tourism in Thailand has become today. If truth be told, it’s getting worse every year.

Pattaya has become a perverted Disneyland where Russian mothers stroll the sidewalks with babies in the pram while Dad is guzzling beer and stuffing rubles down a strippers bikini in an open titty bar, naked girls grinding in full view of the kiddies, showing off their wares to passersby…bizarro-world. The tourists in Pattaya obviously have very different moral standards than some of the rest of us where children are concerned. There are direct flights into Pattaya for sex tourists from Siberia, Shanghai, Tokyo, Helsinki and Seoul. There is no longer any pretense of tourists arriving for anything other than sex tourism.

I have watched as this scene unfolds for decades, with incredulity, as if in a satanic cinema where ‘sex-pats’ arrive in waves like Vikings to Britain, to rape, pillage and plunder. Of course the answer is overarching moral corruption from all sides and now being hyper-exacerbated by a grey wave of simultaneously retiring civil servants with monthly union pensions in pounds and dollars fueling the release of the long frustrated sex drive of hundreds of thousands of aging perverts from western democracies onto the exotic shores of Thailand. Hidden among this horny viagra fueled stampede are thousands of pedophiles who purposefully hunt for children, and hide more successfully than ever behind the curtain of fellow ‘sex-pats’.

Demographics and the western phenomena of a’ Baby Boomer’ generation population retiring simultaneously in huge numbers is behind the tsunami of the 50+ age group of grey, bald and sloppy fat ex school teachers, civil service workers, city workers, plumbers and electricians etc., that have hit the wall in Australia, Canada, Great Britain, Scandinavia and ‘The West’. Ridiculous as they look, as they waddle oblivious down the aisles of Big C and Tesco with a ‘rice paddy princess’ half their age, they pretend to be immune to criticism, despite the chuckles and outright ridicule from local Thai’s.

Lest we forget, ‘Baby Boomers’ are also known as ‘The Entitlement Generation’. And so, they come in hordes to Thailand to play-act out a twisted-pervert voodoo Lolita fantasy of what they never achieved at home…faux-domesticity with a younger girl who never talks back, who likely speaks no more than twenty words of English. She looks downcast and sheepish under the gaze of the Thai people because she’s an indigenous tribal person.

She’s very uncomfortable in her first pair of closed toed shoes, a lifetime spent barefoot in the muddy terraced rice patties surrounding her hamlet…and after moving from a medieval jungle village when the crop failed, to the pathetic anonymous life of a prostitute in Mega Metropolis of Bangkok, where anything goes, because her family was starving.

The one life saving thing she can do for her brothers and sisters is have sex with an aging western Lothario in order to keep her family alive on the pittance she receives for her services. The grey wave has become an industry in itself……end of Part Four

a work in progress

a work in progress