A Bumper Crop of Empty Promises – a ticket to the stars

Posted: April 27, 2020 in Uncategorized


Why do people travel? There’s no simple answer. Do we have a primordial drive to crawl out of our skin and fly? Is it an inherent  psychic metamorphosis? To seek is to be human? It occurs to me that in our long history, our species has never been comfortable to stay in one place very long. We’ve ravaged the Earth with our migrations, we’re everywhere. Now, it’s on to the beckoning stars, which seem closer with every generation, our choking litter and petty race based politics pushing us out.

Unto the ages of ages, a world without end. There’s no easy explanation of wanderlust. Everyone does it, wants to do it, dreams about it, lusts after it, feels obligated to , regardless of social economic elite status or lower working class. Does the always active Lymbic lizard brain force this ambition upon us? Are we compelled to spill out of our personal comfort zone to seek the unknown?  Is it a survival instinct trigger?

This isn’t a recent phenomena. Humans spilled out of Africa a million years ago and haven’t stopped pushing the outer limits of our boundaries since. Modern society paints travel with a glamour brush. You’re not cool if you don’t. ‘Avoid the impulse at your peril’. Technology has made it easier to exploit our environment. We can cover distances in hours that took our ancestors thousands of years.

Modern mass tourism is sold by nations as a sign of internal economic and social evolution. “Look at us, we’re here”. The Chinese for example, use tourism as a nationalist front. They have burst out onto the world stage, to fly their flag, to be noticed. Western nations spent centuries building colonies, marking territory, like dogs pissing on a fire hydrant. What did we get in return, genocide and another pandemic? Have we learned anything…no ? Airliners are parked, not scheduled for the scrap heap. Armies aren’t being de-mobbed. We just can’t stay home. Thailand, where I live, is splashed with micro-colonies of a multitude of nationalities.

Desperate economic third world migration is not tourism but as spirit driven and consequential. The internet shows them what they don’t have and they’re drawn like moths to a flame. To travel must be a genetic affirmation of the human condition .  I travel therefore I am. Over time, wanderlust, whatever the catalyst, has resulted in grand economic and social design, failed evolutionary trajectories, and toxic relations. The tribal and diverse clash openly on many levels. My earliest motivations to travel were escapism, discovery and wonder from the profits after a summer job. That world was simple, still fractured and distant, ancient cultures remained separate, unaffected.

At the time I thought I was involved in travel as something rare and unique. The act of travel differentiated you from your peers. The planet has become smaller since. There was a simpler world to escape to, but it’s started to look all the same. My youthful exuberance is ancient history, naturally . Chain hotels with cringe-worthy fecal chloroform count pools and swim up bars replaced grass roof bamboo shacks. Those glossy over-sized magazines and photographic periodicals like Life and National Geographic that fascinated my imagination as a child have been banished into obscurity by today’s woke-cancel colonialist anti-industrial culture. I’m left with a bumper crop of empty promises. Where can I buy a ticket to the stars?


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