Archive for May 3, 2020


Fifty days into the Corona Lockup.

Thirty one years married to the only person who’d have me,  our honeymoon intact.

Still in love‘ is a compliment to my wife.

Opposites attract'” , she’ll say. We met and love burst like a house on fire.

I am out-of-time, archaic, antipodean, lost in profit leaning research on the opposite side of the world.

Kinetic time spins independently of my preference.

She‘ is introverted, happily isolated in science, learning new programming languages on a yoga mat.

Brick by brick I build a distant fortress, she talks to aliens.

I’m tired of listening to words that rhyme. Instead we float on a river of cool jazz. It swirls… and ebbs like cream tripping down marble halls. I can’t sit long, nowhere to go.

Music divines each next burst of synaptic surprise. Jazz, a psychoactive drug for the sober mind, a light at the end of the tunnel, unreachable, unknowable until a journeys done.

The view , fantastic,  panoramic windows inspire.

Every time we think about moving we’re drawn back to those windows and that view and wonder where we’d go?

That concrete sea spills off the horizon still reveals hidden secrets. A canal that inexplicably changes color every day, green, black and silver.

Golden temple spire glows sunset red.

I still dream .