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Little known to outsiders is the secret life of thousands of fantastically talented artists, in every discipline, and the deep rich ‘art and art appreciation scene’ in Dallas . The spring season was marked yesterday by an explosion of artistic expression and commumity in the Deep Ellum district. The epicenter of everything hip and current in Dallas is Malcom X Boulevard and Elm Street.


This was not the bland politically correct festival by the wonks at city hall. The Deep Ellum festival is organized by the community of artists who range from sculture, metal, paint, drawn, written, spoken, performed…all by people who live and breath the Dallas art scene.



The vibe was lively, live music included reggae bands, red dirt poets, trance dj’s set up at various intersections along an 8 block strip that had become a pedetrian mall for the week. Normally Elm Street is a funky stoll of bars, curious shops and electic brick a brac malls where dozens of individual vendors display oddities not found anywhere else.