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You’ve heard the old expression “I can’t remember when I’ve had so much fun?” I hate to piss you off but I still feel like that every day. I’m passing the high water mark on my third month in Texas and the longer I’m here the more I live to appreciate where I am. In Texas they say that Texas is not just a state…it’s a state of mind’…well friends…that’s entirely true.

Over the past three months I’ve reported on everything as I experienced it, to my audience of one, fresh and raw impressions served up on a platter and knowing I was into a honey pot of a unique travel destination. Taken into the context of my three month tour of wandering the back roads and historic towns on secondary highways ‘off the beaten track’ I have to say that all these good things, from realizing that gritty blues for breakfast and red dirt radio are an integral part of the culture, to BBQ and people’s true and awestruck appreciation for the states natural beauty , the genuine friendliness of the people, are all a heart stopping amalgamation of every day life, which explains why Texans are the way they are. I’ve gotta’ say it, the sunsets here are to drool over, and trust me, I’ve seen a lot of sunsets.

I came here saying “I could spend six months here standing on my head”. I’m going to have the opportunity to test that theory….wish me luck.



Trish and I go to flea markets, antique malls and anything else that is open and under the sun on the weekends. As I’ve already mentioned the Dallas Ft Worth Metroplex is scattered with this type of opportunity. It’s also ‘kill two birds with one stone’ type of travel days of discovery because along the freeways are peppered with off ramps leading off to historic towns and sights. You will need a vehicle to get around here, the distances are huge, but the speed limit on most Texas highways is 75 mph, there are great radio stations playing nothing but Texas music, and the time passes quickly because the scenery is sublime. I try and stop as often as I can to pick up some conversation, which Texans offer easily…the BBQ and knick knacks are great too….try the pie if you can.