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I don’t know how many of you have lived through a tornado but….. it’s a hell of an experience. Video is being uploaded to our Bangkok Living & Travel site. Trish and I have been watching the storm for several hours…. there have been hundreds, if not thousands of lightning strikes, more than at any time I have been bombarded in the tropics during monsoon. This storm is of an entirely different measure.

Unfortuneatley there have been reports of multiple deaths where the tornado’s have touched down to the east and south of where we are in Dallas Texas. A subdivision in Granbury Texas has been raised with approx, 50 homes being flattened and hundreds of injuries reported. First responders from every adjacent county are rushing to the scene as I write… daylight will probably bring footage of the devastation to the world.

My red tile Spanish roof is leaking like a sieve.  From where I sit it actually sounds like a faucet has been left running in my bathroom where the water has come through the roof and is flooding into buckets and bowls that we have set up. I enjoy new and exciting travel trips…..many have been sublime…some not so much…this is straddling the fence between the two extremes. It’s very weird to know that people have been killed tonight in a storm that was supposedly just a tropical storm that was blowing in off the west coast of Mexico. Life is a fickle balance between the fantastic and the horror….enjoy what you have.

I wish you all the comforts of where you are. Pray for us in Texas tonight.

PS….now on the following morning it’s being confirmed that 6 people were killed and there are several missing. News footage has shown the complete destruction of homes, particularily in the town of Granbury. I have posted about this town in the past and it is a real shame that they have been affected to this extent. The FOX news affiliate is reporting that as many as ten tornado’s touched down … possibly more…they’re waiting for the National Weather Service to confirm the number.