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It’s 80 degree’s most days in Dallas. I really enjoy that, even though I spend a lot of time indoors with the air conditioner cooling me down because I developed prickly heat during my thirty years in the tropics and spending as much time under direct sunlight as possible…..apparently my skin has rebelled. The idea that’s important is that the warm sunshine is available when I want it. You might think a life like mine is sort of boring. I do nothing but write and go on road trips.

I had a great one this weekend by the way. We took a drive 80 miles outside Dallas to Canton, Texas. Canton is the sight of the First Monday Trading Market. This is the largest and oldest open air market in the Us of A. It’s a fascinating and eclectic collection of western trade goods, everything inc boots, hats and saddles…to foundry items and odd country crafts. Until now I had thought that Chatachak Market in Bangkok was the worlds largest Flea Market…..Canton ( pronounced Cat-in) is far more extensive, both in items available and square footage. If you were wanting decorator items of the antique western variety this would be heaven for you. The foot long corn dogs and fried pie are to die for.

I could go on and on about how much I like the people in Texas. It’s rare to find people in large numbers who are so giving, polite and generally good hearted, but when you get out into the countryside and meet the people from the Texan heartland…the ‘friendly factor’ multiplies exponentially. I’ll be spending a lot more time in Texas over the next year. I feel at home here, it’s easy….and you know what they say…”Home is where the heart is”.