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We met a budding artist at a festival recently. She… Rebecca… had boldly come out and declared her hearts desire.  I think many of us live with yearnings for what we’d like to be when we grow up but then life gets in the way leaving us to live vicariously through our children.  Life is full of cruel ironies… yes indeed.


Is it the opportunity to be free  that eludes some of us? Do we as adults need to learn how to set ourselves free  in order to allow our children to pursue their passion(s)? Of course I am being myopic, I live in a dream world where opportunity is ubiquitous. For most of the worlds population such fantasy is never going to blossom into reality….the free world is home to so few….so isn’t it wonderful to see someone like Rebecca being herself and to encourage some aspect of whimsy into our own lives?


Let this be a lesson to all you budding artists out there, no matter if you’re ten or going on one hundred. Life is what you make it…..follow your path…..after all…you were born this way.


Take life one step at a time.


rolling hills of blue heather

wet with dew

chased by howling winds of legend

snaking dunes buttress the seaside

bristling with stiff grasses

and the most amazing flowers

seeking nothing but a short life

in the cold sun

dream of joining them in the sand

undulating landscapes of lavender

that scent the air

for hundreds of miles before they’re sighted

by some magic raising the souls of weary desperate men

who are caught in the wafting breezes

closer to heaven

wild eyed impact mountains face the ocean

appear startled at the suddenness of their creation

rising up and capped with snow

pierced with fjords that  disappear in the mist

beset with floating emerald islands

that vanish as if by sorcery

only to reappear again

more beautiful than ever

the languid way grass bends with the wind on a open prairie

saying nothing except we hear an elongated sighing

that draws tears from everyone who passes with a heart

and lives in a dream

a continent of steaming jungle

a brazen cradle

is outrageous

that place demands attention

and tries to kill you when you enter

to seek

the mystery of green fire

escape is when you

separate yourself from nature with acres of animated concrete

wrapped around your shoulders like a mendicants cloak

as you return from some sacred journey

stacks of meaningless symbols

of transient wealth

holding out the promise of  simple treasures

diamonds embedded in the sidewalks

walk amid grains of gold who amble freely

within the confines of a congested village

set upon a stolen island

such delicious secrets on display

when worlds collide

and some are cursed

life’s little pleasures

that speak

in a language with few spoken words

the traveler responds in cryptic gestures

hands and eyes in all directions

cloak themselves in thin disguise

play this game of the revenant

adapting to this invitation

stepping in and out of time

you master of the clouds

senses come alive

when you tell your stories

to strangers

stripping naked expectations

breathless and unburdened

you vomit up

exhilaration in short breaths

and key strokes

huffing in anticipation

the entire meaning of life

fails to appear

except in random order

etched in these memories

no decadent meanderings

the seekers world fails  description

glittering shards cascade

like falling rain

it’s an empty feeling

never being satisfied

sure that no one understands your need

to see it all again

to do what you desire

life’s little pleasures

a haunting addiction