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I have noticed a growing trend in blogging lately. Unlike a narcissistic cry for recognition by tech savvy people posting mediocre notations on their lives as experienced through the lens of social media conditioning, conformity, a travel agent or guide book, I am ‘sensing’ a meme in the guise of of redemption  upwelling along the noisy shores of attention seekers that is bringing a rich new source of ideas into the community like a food source for the soul of people like me that are sick to the very end of mediocrity. I am reading  more postings by people who are genuinely seeking a connection with the world instead of wanting something from it.

It could be that I am more attracted to the vibrations of questioning souls, genuine people, whose lives are lived with questions attached. Recently there have been fewer blogs coming my way from people who are seeking to be something, and more from those who are already ‘someone’ with the courage to escape into something new. I particularily like to read about someone  preparing themselves to ‘leave it all behind’. This is an avenue of rootless expression with which I have an expertise.

Lately I have noticed that there have been more people reaching out to our nebulous net community for solace in this storm we call humanity. I see these people as the first maturing cyrsalides in what may potentially become a rabble of butterflies flying in the warm rays of the sun and casting their coloured shadows onto the ground. I harbour a secret wish that the spell of commercialism and consumerism may one day be broken by the truth that we are only here for a short time and that more can be done  to improve our lives by simply acting out in joy that you have lived.

The theme of maturity is similar to the cycle of prayer in that we seek conclusion as natural. Life, hope and dreams of redemption are hard wired into our souls so that we may strive to be as long as fate has ordained. Is this showing up in the shifting demographic of the blogosphere? Is the meme of ‘redemption seeking words’ that has begun to pulse along the gossamer net a product of predictive linguistics insinuating new territory into a greater social global consciousness that is yearning for change?

Have we  unknowingly begun to speak to one another ‘soul to disembodied soul’ ? Is the unintended consequence of expressing our emotional selves into a new internet reality that none of us could have ever anticipated  an expression of the superhuman, the amalgam of all of us? Are these  freedom seekers the first elemental pings of an evolutionary shift on the spidery world wide web? Is this the revolution of a 1960’s  redux? Are we witnessing the arrival of a new Space Ship Earth culture? Is the future of our collective well being being pioneered by the past generation….again?

What if this rush of unspoken words would build into a social firmament, a new land for our souls to inhabit? Would it be like a magma world of only thought and emotion…a spontaneous burst that rises to the surface of the sea and grows into a chain of paradise islands? We are what we talk about. Until the creation of the internet people of the world, were limited in what they could dream about due to the limited number of words their culture would allow. We saw generations of mass conformity and witness this still among the stifled cultures where dictatorships and absolutes have no taste for freedoms of the mind.

In all the time ‘the net’ has been around it has been a staging ground for commercial culture to quantify and commercialize. It might be time for a new Woodstock. After all the 60’s began with a growing number of people who had begun to drop out…first populated by those who’d been rejected by the economy of the world and then by those who rejected the institutions of the status quo. the numbers grew into a movement, into a new society and a new state of mind.

Will the free flow of unfettered and uncensored words be the downfall of  ancient boundaries that have so far restricted people from knowing one another and themselves? I feel a groundswell roiling under my feet. I am ever hopeful that you and humanity will find redemption. What is stopping any of us from seeking our freedom?