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I have written about the continued abyss of foul weather creating an environment of rain soaked depression among the plebe’s who get stuck here for whatever reason. So what should a person think when ‘wet’ is a constant reality, isn’t this Wetcouver after all? Lets look at the facts…this is technically a rainforest…fed by the storms that build off the North Pacific Ocean……49 degree’s north as a matter of fact….the wettest spot on the planet is a mere twenty miles from where I sit…….we ‘enjoy’ the longest monsoon ( 11 months) on Earth.A lot of people try to ‘tough it out’ because they don’t have the financial ability to escape…..denial is rampant here…..and yes…poverty sucks.

What do able Canadians do ? We leave in huge numbers……you find Canadians almost everywhere else…..maybe only a tad fewer in number than the Brits ( who have their own weather issues)  I have tried to stay…but just can’t….six weeks here is enough. I’m off to Dallas Texas where it’s 92 degree’s and sunny every day….sorry Canada…….not my cup of tea. I join the Great Canadian diaspora to anywhere else.