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Why has Thailand become a dumping ground for the worlds perverts and socially challenged? We’ve discussed at length on he subject of the ‘who what and why’ of the tourist trade sex pat swarms of retiring viagra-sexulaized immoral losers, but there’s another element also in abundance….the great number of dispossessed psychologically compromised who have also come to Bangkok after falling out with their own societies.

There has been a huge uptick in the number of seriously maladjusted personalities who have come to Thailand for some kind of bolt-hole from the reality of ‘home’. Looking for solace in a hellhole like Bangkok is like a drunk looking for sobriety in a liquor store. How so many tragically insane and maladjusted persons could have found Bangkok on their own is a mystery.

There are many here who are obviously medically insane and you have to wonder when they went insane…before or after they arrived? Otherwise…it begs the question…how did these people get here? Is it ‘Tropo’ as Jung described…the debilitating effects of Eastern culture on the western mind… Conrad described through his character ‘Kertz’ in ‘The Heart of Darkness’?

Because getting here must have taken a semblance of coordination…ie: a modicum of clarity…to get the cash together to purchase an air ticket, to secure a passport, travel and then to arrive with a probable story on why you were arriving in the country while stable enough to be passed judgement upon by the immigration officer. We have legions of absolutely and incoherently insane people from all corners of the western empire.

There are vegetative beggars lining the gutters of Khao San Road speaking either Russian, Swedish , German or Slavic and Hungarian in an incoherent word salad. There have been many cases where Euro-origin women have been picked off various tourist boulevards completely naked and screaming like ravens. There internet examples aplenty of European ladies in zoophilia movies that are obviously shot in a tropical setting resembling a weeping anal fistula also known as Pattaya.

Where are these people coming from, how do they get here, why have they chosen Thailand as a fixation for their fantasy…and worse…..who the hell sent them here? The former are the worst examples..there are plenty of garden variety dissociated kooks of all stripes wandering around…some look fairly normal until you notice the thousand yard stare in their eyes as you pass them in the hall or elevator.

As I said there are thousands upon thousands of really sick and weird people who have suddenly popped into our Land of Smiles. We know that the Russian mob has been importing east European prostitutes by the thousands, but even they couldn’t handle this volume. This invasion is like the event horizon of a black hole dumping it’s cosmic refuse outside a time space singularity.

Many of these socially dysfunctional persons wander around in various states, unable to speak, or make eye contact. I think many of these persons may have fantasized about ‘getting away from it all’ when they chose Thailand, as if it were still a hidden place where the influences that were too great for them to handle at home would be managed by anonymity in a foreign land…only to find that there are thousands of freaks just like them and plenty more westerners to heap scorn upon them for their weaknesses.

This topic has come up in two different forums recently…so it is not one noted only by myself, but by the many other experienced foreigners living here. The first question was raised in a popular Bangkok Ex Pat Blog and trade forum. An ex pat asked an open question about what he had noticed how many farang had lost the etiquette of common decency among travelers…the ability to recognize one another with a simple ‘Hello’…as travelers in foreign lands have always done. The second was when an ex military expat now traveling in a Christian ministry asked me why the foreigners in Bangkok were so especially distant, rude and surly.

Now…this guy had been around during a career in the Army…he knew how things worked. He stated that he had never seen another country with such a huge concentration of foreigners. Naturally I told him my theories of the sex pat retiree demographic and the crazy persons easy access to cheap and easy visa’s that allowed so many nut-bars into the country to reside for long periods of time.

So, dear reader , weigh in if you can. Why has Thailand in particular become a dumping ground for the western worlds worst garbage?

a simple country boy at heart

a simple country boy at heart

If my life was a ship, and my ship had a flag, I would hang it upside down from the yardarm to signal a state of distress and consequently lower it to half mast further indicating a great loss has occurred. Recent inquiries to main stream media outlets about publishing stories relating to the sex exploitation of young and poor in desperate countries have all come back rejected. “We think it’s too controversial” said one editor, as if the morals of the editors at the heart of the industry have shriveled and died.

Hollywood producers, ‘Hangover’ and ‘Hangover 2’ have won the hearts and minds of media pundits everywhere. The word according to the media is that Asia is a place to run wild, fuck everything that walks…or crawls…and go home, hopefully without an incurable drug resistant STD. “What happens in Bangkok…Stays in Bangkok”. Who gives a damn what kind of mess you leave behind? As long as you’ve had a good time…and take lot’s of drunken selfies…right?

A particularily inane reporter from Barrie Ontario asked me to only contact him if I had the name and address of someone from his immediate area who was caught in a child rape or similar heinous holiday crime . None of the other things I ‘d mentioned regarding widespread sexual exploitation of desperate uneducated minors, ( like the horrible oppression my organized Russian gangs, starving children left behind in alleys with the pimps while Moms are blowing tourists or pulling razor blades out of her vagina in the bar) fodder for a massive wave of simultaneously retiring western baby boomers, held any interest to him.

This purposeful ignorance on the issue of sex exploitation by the global media is appalling. When the very famous journalist Bernard Trink was fired his long held position as columnist of twenty years to the Bangkok Post in the 1980’s for warning off people coming to Thailand for sex tourism, it was then a shocking move by the media in Thailand. Who would have ever thought a secretive cabal would want to silence a voice advocating for the betterment of women and how sex tourism is an embarrassment to the nation…not a pillar on which to build an economy. Ah well…what do I know? TIT Bernard always said, …This is Thailand.

its all around us

its all around us

Of all the articles I have written since I began this blog, one in particular keeps showing up in the stats as one  most actively viewed. ‘Fast facts on the sex industry in Thailand’ has a  steady readership. Many men who comment on the story state that they have a right to sex. This ‘right’ is not enshrined in any law of any country or religion that I am aware of. It exists as  a myth among men in the internet community they have created to justify their own frustrations. These ‘punters’ complain that women in their own countries will not willingly perform sex on them. They complain it is too hard to meet women for sex where they live and when they do the women are too demanding. They complain that the path to sex is too expensive and complicated in their home cities and  in many cases prostitutes have refused them. Most of these men tell me that ‘dating’ is a waste of time.

They complain that they feel socially awkward in the presence of women who aren’t prostitutes. They report that prostitutes are friendly while women in their own countries are not. The unspoken commonality among my male readers is that they want cheap sex with poor foreign women who will not ask for anything, will demean themselves without complaint in any way for money with a man whose physical, hygienic or personal presentation may be abhorrent under normal conditions, all the while without being able to express herself in a common language.

My interpretation of the general personality type that travels to Thailand for sex describes someone who the natural world is doing it’s level best not to allow to breed. It is my opinion that these men should understand that masturbation and self satisfaction is what nature intended for them. It is also my opinion that a man who keeps himself reasonably fit, clean and presents himself as reasonable has every opportunity to meet women of your own age.  If you have fantasies about having sex with women half your age or children of course, that’s another conversation. From my observations of the punters in Thailand they are for the most part compromised and in some state of moral degeneracy, full blown alcoholics or drug users and for many their misogyny has turned them away from any appreciation of the real status or quality of what women have to offer. I would go so far as to suggest that most of the men I have observed as seekers of prostitutes should really be in therapy…for their own good and ours.

Prostitution is illegal in Thailand, it has been since the early 1960’s. This hasn’t stopped the proliferation of the sex industry  becoming Thailand’s number one  source of foreign currency, ahead of all manufacturing and finance industry businesses . The amount of money the sex tourism business brings in has created an environment of complacency where it comes to the enforcement of the law. Sex tourism may be socially destructive, immoral and counter productive to the aspirations of a nation in development, but the corruption of billions of dollars flooding into the pockets of lawmakers and every aspect of the social hierarchy in Thailand has created the official Thai attitude of ‘Mai Mi Boon Hah’……’I don’t care’. This describes the ‘Thainess’ of the apparent cognitive dissonance that delineates that the Thai know full well that the problem exists but it is to socially uncomfortable and conversationally an inconvenient an issue to deal with….so you let it slide behind a smile and a ‘Wai’ and make believe it isn’t happening…’Mai phen rai’……’never mind’.

The subtle nuances of ‘Thainess’ is something that the Thai consider inherently their own….and they believe that no farang/foreigner can ever understand this intricate culture enough to understand how one can distance an uncomfortable image from ones mind while accepting it at the same time as a viable commercial opportunity …..we farang are too rough…too concise…to black and white… to ever understand understand ‘Thainess’.  Thai’s are very accepting people, the culture teaches them not to react to uncomfortable situations that in the west would create an environment of immediate consternation and social unrest. Thai men and women are the the most accepting men and women on the planet on the subject of marital infidelity, it is a national pastime. Thai men and women expect that their spouse will cheat…it’s really that common.

Sex is not as a taboo a subject in Thailand as it is in the western cultures. Sexual mores are not uncomfortable for Thai people if the subject of attention happens to be as extreme as discovering one or more cross dressing, transsexuals or gay family members living under the same roof. The ‘fourth sex’…or Katooey as it is refered to in Thailand when a male child  lives as a woman in the home and outdoors is entirely accepted in Thailand’s Buddhist culture. This is another example of the  ‘Thainess’ that many westerners have trouble grasping as something seeming so hypocritical while remaining acceptable as long as it is not spoken about….’Thainess’.  So, when father has taken a second wife ‘Mi Noi’ …as his wife has aged after producing children, the second wife is not portrayed as a home wrecker, a whore or a slut’…she is a lesser wife and considered part of the family. The first wife is given status while the second takes the place of a plaything for less than official outings.

It is  a fact that most of Thai men will  use prostitutes when either engaged or married. This is a practice inherently if immediate lusty sex should be taken outside the home while the wife or girlfriend is treated with respect as befits her position. Driving around Bangkok, outside the main tourist areas you can see the big complexes where Thai men will frequent their favorite singers, dancers and hostesses. The pleasure palaces are endemic along New Petchburi Road close to Ekamai and further out towards the airport on King Keow Road west from Bangna Trad Hwy….they are impossible to miss with giant signboards advertising pretty girls faces and huge parking lots surrounding the buildings.

There is a world of differance between the girls, the johns and the attitudes between the two communities who use the sex industry in Thailand. The western men for whom sex has always been taught to be dark and dirty focus on the lowest common denominator and seek solace in the sex pot-disease laboratories of Pattaya, Phukets and Patpong streets . There they will find the lower level sex they crave with farm girls from northern ISSAN province who come to be prostitutes escape starvation and poverty. Many girls have been sold to pimps by poor and addicted parents…some have been tricked by deceitful in laws into the life. It is common knowledge in Phuket and Pattaya that many women in Thailand illegally from Burma, Lao and Cambodia are forced to prostitute themselves by the police . Many of these women are married and have children, their husbands are workers in the hotels and labour industries. The police exploit their immigration status and force the women to work as prostitutes under threat of deportation of the family.

Keep in mind that these farm people and tribes women are very moral….being a prostitute is extremely demeaning to them. It is the last thing in the world they would want for themselves or daughters. But…they are usually not good looking enough or do not speak Thai well enough to get into an upper class emporium…..they are relegated to the fleshpots of the farang bars and back street brothels where misery is ubiquitous. The misery they encounter leads them to quickly begin to drink alcohol and abuse much so that they become numb and begin to act out the ways of the other girls on display as a means to diminish their own self loathing.

I’m at 1200 words and I haven’t even started on discussing all the things and events I have witnessed regarding the sex industry in Thailand. I’ll continue to write if my readers want to know more of what I’ve seen. I have to warn everyone that I do not have anything fun and exciting to relate about the sex industry in Thailand……to me it’s a sad state of affairs.