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A country that was once a far away dream has become a place  in my heart. The fact that Finland requires the visitor to discover the land and the people on their own terms is endearing. I like to be left alone to discover rather than be herded around by a guidebook itinerary.

the central plaza of tempere covered by a thick sheet of ice

a sudden snowfall traps a bicycle

the wilds of levi in the far north of lappi

reindeer butt heads outside my window

a winter sprite plays his delightful games on a stream’

the finns are profoundly spiritual

helsinki architecture can be solemn

helsinki railway stattion

two figures that dominate

cathedrals easy to get lost in

each lock represents a wish

she mans the gate

early morning exercise

On a recent trip to Europe I was impressed at how established the bicycle was in the everyday lives of people. So much so that these innocuous vehicles are often left by the side of the road in stacks unused as viable community conveyances. One of the things that stops people from using bicycles in Canada for many months a year is the inclement weather. I found that in Europe that this impediment is not universal. There are instances of people using bicycles in every weather, even in the snow. I remember an interview with Bob Dylan where he advised us to stop talking for a second and observe the street corner we were on, “Because we might never be here again”. Those words stuck with me and I try to remain observant of every detail in my daily life, taking nothing for granted. Life is a gift, don’t deny it.

Tempere Finland

the timeless streets of Paris

Tallinn Estonia

Helsinki Finland

Brussels Belgium

Amsterdam Netherlands

another ‘Bridge of Sighs’