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I suppose the biggest challenge I face as an artist is that of being unique. The siren song of derivation is all too common these days. As I am a novelist I have to strive to isolate my mind from everything I have read, heard or discussed regarding other works. I have written in the past ‘that every author will naturally leave a little blood on the page’, as none of us live in a vacuum. I would like to leave that message with anyone who is also trying to leave this mortal coil having left a unique footprint on history. It is never easy to tred the path least taken, but in the final summation, hope for glory. I was reminded today that Vincent Van Gogh never sold a single painting during his career as a painter. In all those years he was never tempted to change his fantastic style to something more commercially appealing simply for monetary purposes. In spite of being a brilliant portrait artist he chose to interpret the wild visions that appeared in his head.

I have been writing novels for ten years. I am currently working on my seventh. I am striving for something unique. I will write something I am proud of. The number of units I sell is less important than the fact that I have created a storyline which has never been conceived by another author. If it sounds like I am writing this for my own benefit you are entirely correct. I have today finished Chapter Ten of the new work. Writing a novel is a very long haul indeed. It is not a cowboy song written on the back of a napkin. A novelist has to be entirely committed to the process. Bless us all, back into the fray.