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What do you immediately envision when you think of the type of people who live in hotels? I’ll bet it’s the television stereotype of low life poverty and people who have fallen through the cracks living a subsistence lifestyle amid bedbugs and cockroaches. It can be that…but it’s a whole lot more. In fact there is a silent tribe of business related persons who migrate around the country and the world living in hotel rooms a majority of their year. It’s not unusual for a person to spend 200 or more days ‘on the road’ working in this sub class of the expertise population. I meet the most interesting, diverse and accomplished people around hotel bars, restaurants and swimming pools, exercise rooms and BBQ pits.

These are the working professionals, technicians, specialists and contractors whose company/private or corporate affiliations whose work takes them all over the world, state, country to do specific short to medium term tasks. On the level of Corporate/Executive Long Stay Hotels we are legion, away from our homes and families for months at a time, even years in some cases, like a wandering tribe of intellectuals/specialists whose task it is to keep the wheels of local economies from going off the tracks.

In any one period people will come and go, the variety is always fascinating, how much so depending on the time of year and the country that you’re in. This is an aspect of travel that a majority of holiday makers might never consider, but here we are all the same, collecting our travel points and spinning yarns to strangers along the way.