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Only in Vancouver Canada would I be able to witness such an extreme oddity as in the form of a grown man dressed in day-glow Zumba spandex running on an AstroTurf all weather track under cloud blackened skies in frigid pouring rain holding a bright red umbrella while splashing through the ubiquitous puddled saturation. Vancouver must hold the record for denial , dissonant behaviors and sheer number of delusional denizens. For a city that bills itself as ‘The greatest place on Earth’ to live, one would have to either be high, stupefied by the false and misleading advertisements by the Advertising Council or simply weakened by the constant deluge and rendered dysfunctional by the grey overhang to believe such a nonsensical phrase.

I flew in from Dallas Texas last night, where it is truly a weather worthy place to talk about. There is no denying that the everyday sunny weather in Texas is phenomenal. While I was away I was in daily contact with many people of differing backgrounds here in Vancouver. I was shocked and amused that for the entire time I was away I was getting weather updates from friends and colleagues about how ‘glorious’ the weather was.

The personal anecdotes and the professional reports were entirely antipodal. I’m talking off the charts diametrically opposed. They just didn’t match up, not even close.  While individuals living in Vancouver were constantly telling me that the weather had been great, by contrast the weather services were reporting overcast skies and daily rainfall along with unseasonal and significantly low temperatures.

This strange sociological phenomena occurred the entire month that I was away. I had to conclude that either the people I knew were lying or the weather services were in a conspiracy to mess with the heads of the international community and keep people away from Vancouver by colluding to report the opposite of what the citizens were experiencing. I had to ask myself….why? How is that people in Vancouver are so covetous of the good weather elsewhere that they will lie about the conditions where they are?

I wondered “Do they not know that we outsiders have the internet and can easily discern the truth with a keystroke, and yet the lies and denial persist, even when you confront them with the truth?” Vancouverites , as I know well from living here, hate to admit that their city is not perfect, in spite of the many factual indications that it is far from that lofty barrier. But to take it to the extreme to call a grey sky blue because you think someone else is enjoying life more than you are…..that’s just weenie…..and a little creepy.

Vancouver is by design, the most over-hyped city on the planet. I can understand why a region would want to sell itself for reasons of tourism and to keep the citizens from attempting mass suicide after months of weather related depression, but the state of media induced confusion in Vancouver has reached a rare state of mass psychosis unseen anywhere else, people will call the black sky blue because they have been told it is so and desperately want to believe what is obviously untrue. I witnessed this very example today as I drove past a sodden running track and saw a man dressed in horribly unflattering spandex, running with an umbrella,  obviously believing that denial will always trump the truth.