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Again I find myself blown into Texas by strange fate and my listless desires. The timing of my arrival is the best and worst , East Texas roads are warped with flash floods , an itinerant deluge bounces off the driest ground this side of Africa, as if the earth has forgotten how to swallow this much water. Still, I dropped out of the sky two nights ago and it hasn’t stopped raining, so I’ll make light of it as best I can. Dallas has morphed into a never ending landscape of firebrick strip malls and tract housing, but if you want a fast burger, an ATM or an instant tan, you’ll drive no farther than a block.

The Americans have revised the art of fast food and drop in shopping to a high science…and yes…even an art form, if you can rise above the obvious standardization of quality and the dementia of human experience. Having said that, I like it here, it’s easy, I love Americans.  Here in the south you’ll seldom meet a more genuine and friendly bunch. Theres far less emphasis on class or race the way you’ll experience the same… in say…Canada. I hope you’re having as much fun with your life….see you soon.