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The Far-Forgotten

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‘El Rey’

Time flies

Incantatory poets lash out

Rebellious tongues


Flowers , summer

Something stirs


Spoken truth to power

Righteous , transitory

Peace, love, sex, children led to slaughter

Freedom lied

Changing everything

A desperate ache to return there


Pale rider

Cryptic unknown

Faded denim packed away

The holiday is over

Hope entangled, confused… lost

Inside Pandora’s Box

World spins, carelessly


Winter-fall unwelcome

A dusting of snow

Far-forgotten, distant , a signal whistle pipes up, the last breath of homeless air escapes

Staring silent, sullen, clouded

Rear view mirror blurred

Driving, one eye open, barely conscious

Childish flirtation, with death


A psalm , a bird in flight, catches your attention

Weep as it passes, a life unlived

A road untraveled

Far-forgotten , guiding compass, pole star shifts, strange vortex

Left behind

Stragglers fly across frozen space

Emptiness altered

Bright stars disappear, tragedy

Others reappear, like magic


A dashboard clock spins relentlessly backwards

Destiny unfurled

Lived in reverse, life is understood

Lucid flash bulb clear

Outran a bullet

There’s folly for you


A carousel, gaudy colors reflected

Raucous laughter, patio lights twinkle

Trickery,  carnival calliope illusion

Muse abandoned

A time machine


Prisoners trumpet the coming of light

Blindingly obvious, though it remains a mystery

Restraint untethered

Buckle loosed, cannon fire and rockets

Unknown promise, distant bounty

Energy spent, lingering regret


Resurrection, redemption, rebirth, reanimation

Imagine, more questions

Awakening , expectations

A tiger whip… crack