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Element and Fiction

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I’m not a lonely man, I prefer to be alone

I wear a straight-jacket under my clothes

To protect me from myself

I fete a priest with style but reject the House of God

Negligible man, elemental fiction

Brutal fight to the death, a mating dance

Stuff your ears with moonstone dust

Only fools divine the future


It must have been the sixties that wrung the life out of me

She looks into empty sockets where eyes used to be

For the briefest moment I’m not myself,  life seems worth living

It brings us to our knees, we shout ‘Hallelujah’

The rain came

War unstoppable

I’m not a lonely man

Elements and fiction


I punched my ticket long ago

If I get any crazier, tie me to a tree

I got what I wanted, by then I’d set it free

A dead poet said ” Boy you’d better think twice”

You only have one shot, then they bury you in ice

Elemental fiction

From some forgotten hack


I’m not a lonely man

I’ve been down this road before

I’d trade it for forgiveness

Abstinence is dead

Trafficking in souls unwise

I am a complacent prisoner if loneliness prevails

This can never change, it’s in my DNA


I scream in my sleep

Ghosts and madness comes my way

I wear an amulet

I’m letting you know

Shoot me before sundown

Chain me to wall in China where such things aren’t forbidden

Bind me with a spell

I’ve worshiped many temple gods, something might have stuck

Who knows what form my manifest madness will arrive


I’m not a lonely man

Just prefer to be alone

Compose a requiem

I have memories from 1349

Eidetic recall is a curse

Birth was terrifying, I remember striking back